Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cause of Hemorrhoids - Diarrhea

It goes against the logic that an exceptionally common cause of hemorrhoids can be diarrhea. This is especially hard believe because most of our efforts in fighting hemorrhoids is targeted towards softening of really stool.

So what is diarrhea and its ability to be the cause of hemorrhoids?

Diarrhea is a watery stool occurring much older than three times per day, usually lasting a few days. However, if prolonged it's an an indication of serious health conditions. It can be amoung cramping abdominal pain, bloating, nausea or an urgent have to take the bathroom.

Depending close to the cause, a person may have a fever or even soft stool. Later symptoms can be like hemorrhoid symptoms, as both can cause rectal bleeding, itching maybe burning. Diarrhea can be priced at temporary (acute), like infections, or a long-term (chronic) problem.

Temporary usually last up to a month (3-4 weeks), and has to do with infection by bacteria, irritate or parasite.

Short-term can cause further discomfort although you may suffer from hemorrhoids, but can not be the cause of hemorrhoids by itself.

Long-term diarrhea (chronic) 's all longer then 3-4 weeks together with cause for it comes from a strong functional disorder like irritable bowel, similar bowel diseases, insects, medication side effects (antibiotics, antacids, chemotherapy medications, high blood strain drugs, nutritional supplements keeping adequate magnesium), lactose intolerance maybe misuse of laxatives.

It is long-term diarrhea that is often named as one of hemorrhoid causes because straining during very frequent bowel movements involving diarrhea causes bulging linked with an veins in the rectal canal.

When to attend the doctor?

Hemorrhoids and diarrhea are similar in lots of ways, people usually do not take it seriously and both conditions excellent jokes, but there are several cases when you not delay going to talk to your doctor and get a superior diagnosis.

For example: if it lasts for more since three days, you have pain in abdomen and rectum, have a unnatural fever, you have blood in your stool or else you are dehydrated.

If any of the following apply you should immediately see your doctor.

Children are difference, do not hesitate traveling the doctor right available, diarrhea is a very dangerous for children, causing decrease in fluid and minerals.

How will a physician diagnose diarrhea?

Your doctor can achieve several exams like sigmoidoscopy after which it colonoscopy. Diagnosing condition would depend your condition, but usually doctor will look in your medical track record, perform physical examination, take stool samples to check for parasites, bacteria or any other sign of disease, deduct blood tests, perform foods test (for allergies).

What when you are eat?

If you decide to combat hemorrhoids with diets, it means that you will end up attacking one of the vital usual cause of piles - constipation. Usually this means stacking up with food that will soften your stool.

With diarrhea be sure to take different route you need to include food that will solidify your stool naturally.

Any food that hardens your stool is ok, bananas, rice, toast and crackers all cause feces to harden, just take care not to over do it. Avoid milk products and any number of the fruits.

Traveler's diarrhea

It is incredibly common in southern aspects our planet, close during the entire equator. Europe, Canada, Asian countries, New Zealand and Aussie (urban areas have one of several highest standards in planet earth for hygiene, but Australian outback is one challenge different) all have very high standards for the purpose of food and water.

Most having to do with Africa, Asia and South America is where you should watch your water and food. Do not drink regular water, stay away from whole milk, avoid eat raw exactly what foods or vegetables, avoid unsavory or rare meat. If perhaps you can not buy bottled water into your life for certain is SAFE AND SOUND, make sure to be prepared with either water purifying tablets or kits.

Also if you're planning a trip in at least one areas, contact you physician and ask for advice. Bugs that you'll get, can cause a massive amount damage, and make your life a misery for ages to come.

Diarrhea is very rare responsible for hemorrhoids, but it can nonetheless contribute although you may have other predispositions. Treat it seriously and persistently this is should go away, usually it just takes to find what food the not absorb well.


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